Litoreus Hotel & Resort

An Exclusive Private Island Resort, a flagged by an international brand “Litoreus”


The Litoreus hotel and resort aims to be among the most luxurious options available. However, Litoreus Hotel and Resort stands out as a property that could potentially become Maldives, Globally own hotel brand. Chairman, Ahmed Habeeb has expressed the need for creating separate one-off projects that align with the resort’s visionary design, rather than trying to fit it into existing brand standards.

Litoreus Island and Litoreus Hotel & Resort will be one of the most Luxurious Destination Island in the Maldives, according to the company CEO, Mehrdad Dashti.

He said: “This is probably the most magnificent island in the Maldives development. The brief for The Litoreus was to create an ultra-luxury eco-resort.

Ultimately, this resort will be one of the highest luxury resorts in the region and has the credibility of being completely and utterly self-generating with Solar Energy.

Litoreus Island is an upcoming destination in The Maldives, Indian ocean, set to redefine luxury and sustainability in the hospitality industry. The island’s centerpiece is the Litoreus Hotel & Resort, a futuristic Hotel that is scheduled to open its doors in 2025. The Litoreus Hotel & Resort aims to be a benchmark for regenerative developments and promote sustainable design in every aspect of its environment.

The sustainability efforts of Litoreus Hotel & Resort are commendable. The entire property is designed to be off-grid and operate on renewable energy sources. A centralized solar farm powers the resort, ensuring that it operates as a zero-energy establishment. Additionally, fresh water is supplied through a solar-powered desalination plant, minimizing the resort’s ecological impact. Waste materials are recycled in the island, reducing the need for external transportation and minimizing the resort’s carbon footprint.

At the 60,000 sqm haven of Litoreus Maldives Private Island at South of the Maldives, Huvadhu Atoll,we drop your boundaries, expand your horizons, retreat, explore, connect or celebrate.

With PADI certified dive center, Beach villas and water villas, Spa, Litoreus invites you. One island. One booking. One extraordinary hideaway.

Bespoke treatments at The Litoreus of Consciousness Spa. Yoga and meditation on your vast empty beach, simply dolphin-watching from your poolside lounge. At Litoreus, feel your full privacy, feel the calm nature.

On March, 2023, the Maldives firm and Canadian management firm launched the destination’s private island in Maldives, The Litoreus Hotel & Resort Master Plan launched at a ceremony Held at Dubai. The document sets out the vision, policy priorities, and strategies for the Skyros Enterprises that owned the Litoreus Hotel and Resort, over the next 5 years. The Litoreus Hotel & Resort is a 5 years plan to address the challenges and emerging opportunities in the tourism industry. The Master Plan was drawn up with support from the many strategic associates, local Bank, international and local legal firm, fund management consultants, insurance company, construction company, engineers, architect, and key stakeholders.

The Litoreus will offer guests an impressive array of ultra-premium amenities. Resort and hotel will have access to one of the largest residential swimming pools in Maldives, a state-of-the-art gymnasium featuring a dedicated personal training section, diverse indoor and outdoor children’s play areas, and direct beach access. The Litoreus Hotel & Resort by Skyros Enterprises is our flagship project and is situated in the Maldives.

Skyros enterprises was founded to develop Hospitality complexes in the Maldives and planned to open 5 Litoreus Hotel & Resort brand within next 5 years.

An exclusive 5-star resort with 101 villas flagged by an international brand “Litoreus”

The planned, start of the operation in October 2025 will allow enough time to ensure the normalization of economic activity.

The projection of Litoreus Hotel & Resort’s activity stems from the analysis of a market that has shown tremendous growth in recent years (considering 2020 and 2021 as atypical years due to COVID) in an important industry for the national and regional economy, given its high contribution for the GDP, employment and exports.

The Litoreus Hotel & Resort by Skyros Enterprises will be the first modern, contemporary 5 star hospitality complex in Maldives that offer exclusive investment opportunity and benefits. The property will be managed by an independent 5-star brand.


Maldives Hotel Market Outlook &Prospects

Continued rebound in tourism improved government revenue, but expenditure growth widened the budget deficit to 14.3% of GDP in 2022. Revenue increased by 23.5% to equal 27.7% of GDP on significant increases from taxes on goods and services, the business profit tax, and import duties.

Economic Prospects

Robust tourism and construction are expected to underpin growth in 2023 and 2024. High tourist arrivals will be sustained by the release of pent-up travel demand and the lifting of travel restrictions in most countries, including Maldives’ main tourist markets. The resumption of flights between the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and Maldives from 18 January 2023 is projected to provide a big boost to tourist inflows.

According to the World Travel Market, Maldives’s tourism industry is undergoing significant growth driven largely by the increase in visitors to the Maldives.

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Huvadhu Atoll, Maldives